Utilizing Native Plant Species for your Next Landscaping Project

With thousands of plants to choose from when tackling a home landscaping project, picking out the right plant species can be a daunting task. A single way to make that decision a little easier is to use native plant species found in your neighborhood. Not only will you be expressing the culture of your community in your garden design, but by using local plant materials, you will also be able to help support wildlife while reducing water runoffs during heavy rain and snow falls.

Native plants tend to be perennials, allowing roots to grow extensively underground. These perennial roots can be magic for your garden and nursery. The roots hold onto the soil and help reduce water runoffs which means healthier plants and less of those midwestern mud puddles. Additionally, native plants can help you in your sustainability efforts, as they help to support your local sustainers like pollinators, birds, and insects. This helps to increase your community’s biodiversity, while helping to preserve local animal and insect species.

Native plants have learned to adapt to local climate over decades and are built to embrace the environment. Because of this, these plants don’t require as many pesticides and herbicides to survive, meaning happy plants and happy ecosystems! The best part of all, is that these native plants require less maintenance and upkeep while also increasing your property value due to all of the buzzing, fluttering, and diversity.

Try growing a Black Maple this summer to start producing your own maple syrup. Or a Sassafras plant to start prepping your garden for fall colors while bringing dozens of butterflies and birds into your garden. Or if you’re feeling a bit nutty, try planting your own Red Hickory tree to produce your own nuts down the road.

Don’t know which plants are native to your community? Fear not, Bruss Landscaping has been in the area for over 65 years and can help chose the perfect plants for your home.

The majority of our plants come from fields within a 100-mile radius. Click here to schedule a free onsite consultation today to see how you can turn your home landscape into a local paradise that you love.


3 Steps to Maximizing your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re looking to entertain or just enjoy the warm weather of summer, extending your living space to the outdoors is the perfect way to get the most out of the season! A patio doesn’t just add additional space to your living area; it also has potential to be an investment to add value to a home. Just like building an addition or turning an office into a bedroom, creating an outdoor living space that feels like an extension of the home can increase the appeal and value.

Here are 3 steps to enjoying the fresh air and getting outdoors this summer! 

1. Materials and Installation 

From custom flagstone to marble, installing the right material for your style and needs can create cohesion to your home. The size of the patio is also important to be proportionate to the house, not leaving the yard feeling sparse but allowing for hosting. A hardscape patio can act as an extension of your living space and allows you to get the most of your outdoors. When deciding on materials, evaluate your style indoors to create a flow that will pull you and your family outdoors on the beautiful days of summer. 

2. Add Ambience 
There are many ways to achieve functionality, drama or romance when creating your space. One way to add a cozy feel is to build a fireplace. A fireplace can add enjoyment whether you have kids that want to roast s’mores or you need warmth for your next party. Next, the landscaping around your hardscape can add color and aromas to promote relaxation. Flowers and greenery creates a visual appeal that softens your outdoor area and is inviting. Lighting is another way to add to the ambience of your space. By installing path lighting along walkways you can add to the safety of your home, while hardscape lighting can define your new patio. Additional accent lighting will add a subtle glow to your space and highlight your area at night.

3. Create the Usability
After creating the space and adding the ambience, the last step is designing the area for your needs. Are you looking to enjoy a nice book on a warm day or will your patio host guests for your next dinner party? By understanding your needs, you can then find the furniture to get the most out of your outdoors. If your outdoor living space is for comfort and relaxation, consider a lounge patio set, weather-resistant pillows and an overarching umbrella for shade. In contrast, if you are hosting parties full of food and friends, a table and chair set with additional functional seating is best. 

Call us today if you have an outdoor living space in mind that needs to be executed or want a consultation on the best hardscape for you! 

Privacy Hedges

Privacy hedges are a beautiful addition to any landscape and keeps the greenery flowing throughout your yard. 

The Better Barrier

Thinking about spring and creating a beautiful privacy hedge? Let’s start with a list of your privacy needs and some basic planning questions. 

Examples of questions… 
1. Where in your yard do you need more privacy? 
2. What is the growing area like; full sun or shade?
3. Flowering or non-flowering?
4. Seasonal or evergreen?

When you are choosing between options, keep in mind the advantages to each. Lush evergreen bushes act as a great barrier to keep out unwanted pests or the occasional nosy neighbor. Flower-blooming bushes make for a subtler and beautiful barrier in your home’s landscape. Lilac bushes are a fan favorite because of their aromatic smells and eye-appealing look. Also noteworthy are berry bushes that not only make for a great barrier but also produce delicious fruits for you to enjoy all season long.

Another benefit to privacy hedges is the reduction in noise and dirt pollution from nearby roadways and loud neighbors. Privacy hedges filter out air and make for a cleaner, cooler outdoor experience. Privacy hedges can be planted as seedlings and will fill in nicely with each season or you can plant fully grown hedges for instant gratification. 

Bruss Landscaping is here to help you choose the best solution for your home’s landscape and can incorporate privacy hedges into an updated landscape design for your home.

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